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Used Clothing: We grade for various regions depending on market requirements. Our sorted products are named based on their source:

  • UK- Our flagship product supplied since the very beginning. Contains clothing solely of UK origin.
  • Europe: A mixture, of clothing from Europe, mainly France.
  • Continental – A mixture of clothing mainly from Canada, USA, Australia and others.
  • Cream- Garments of extraordinary standard, outstanding quality, style or fashion are selected and sold seperately according to various categories
    1. Children Mix
    2. Ladies Mix
    3. Mens Mix
    4. Heavy Mix
    5. Mix Heavy Jackets
  • Asian- Clothing of middle-eastern and sub-continental Asian origin.

Used Shoes: We grade paired and unpaired used shoes according to various categories

  • Mixed Shoes
  • Pakistan Grade Shoes
  • Long Shoes
  • Rubber Shoes
  • Single Shoes

Industrial Wipers: Material which is unsuitable for export is cut and processed into wipers (cleaning cloths). This is supplied to various industries locally, and exported also. Wiper products include:

  • Color T-Shirt Wipers
  • White T-Shirt Wipers
  • White woven Wipers
  • Sweatshirt Wipers
  • Mixed Cotton Wipers (Light and Heavy)
  • Toweling wipers

We are the largest suppliers of Industrial wiper material in the region. We have the capacity to produce 500 tons of wiper material per month. This is approximately 25 containers per month.

The packing is per the requirement of the customer eg:

  • 10Kg Block Bales
  • (10,12,14,16,18,20)Kg White poly Bags
  • (36,38,40)Kg Bales
  • 350-400Kg Big Bales

The wiping material is used in various industries such as Shipping, Oil Refining, Aviation, Construction, Automobiles, Coal Mines, Glass manufacture and various others.

Mutilated Rags: Some items such as hosiery and woolen rags are exported to mainly India for recycling into yarn


  • African Print Textiles
  • Bed Sheets
  • Hand Bags
  • Toys